Gallery of Casting and Molding Projects. Click on photos for more information.

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Angles In America Fountain.jpg

Raw chicken and fried chicken were molded and cast in Dragon Skin silicone for Actors Theatre’s 2019 production of Everybody Black written by Dave Harris, Directed by Awoye Timpo, Scenic Designed by Kristen Robinson, Prop Mastered by Mark Walston. The raw chicken casts were dredged through egg and flower to fry in each performance.

Two concrete statues were repaired and modified before being molded and casted to surround the center pillar for Actors Theatre of Louisville's 2017 Production of Angels In America. Directed by Meredith McDonough, scenic designed by William Boles, and prop mastered by Marc Walston.


The leaf detail below the angel statue was carved and molded flat. Then the flat mold was cast into and the cast part was pulled and formed around the statue base while still pliable. 

Cherub Torch.JPG

The Flame of this Cherub statue was removed molded and cast in a transucent plastic to create a lamp for Emerson Stage's 2016 Production of Titanic Directed by Scott LaFeber, scenic designed by Patrick Lynch, and prop mastered by Marta Sarrión Arrúe.